Taking a vacation from work can be good for both the body and mind

Whether this takes you to the sandy beaches of an exotic location or a destination just a few short hours away, make sure you don’t use a payday loan advance to cover expenses, since your trip should fit into your budget. Nowadays, technology keeps employees connected to their office from nearly anywhere, and this can make it easy to continue working while on vacation. However, do this and you’ll miss out of your rest and relaxation. According to Fortune Magazine, there are numerous reasons why you should check out from the office completely while on your break.

Trust Your Peers

One of the biggest reasons some workers constantly check-in on their work while on vacation is because they don’t trust anyone else to do their job. However, a recent poll from Robert Half Management Resources found that a majority of chief executive officers say they trust their teams enough that they don’t plan on staying in the loop while they’re away.

This response was nearly double what it was two years ago when the survey was last conducted, as only 26 percent of CEO shared the same plans.

“We’re seeing a continuing trend of executives unplugging completely while on vacation,” Robert Half senior executive director Paul McDonald told the news source. “It may indicate that managers have a stronger level of confidence in their teams and processes and, as a result, feel more comfortable leaving others in charge.”

You Will Come Back Refreshed

Vacation time can play a major role in the productivity of an office. However, many employees can only come back feeling rejuvenated if they make a clean break from work altogether while they’re away.

Not only can a vacation be good for productivity, it can benefit a worker’s physical health too. Recent medical data indicates that women who take two or more vacations per year that involve no office check-ins cut their risk of heart disease in half. Men with similar habits reduce their chances by 32 percent.

Networks May Not Be Secure

One major technological downfall of using the internet connection at hotel, resorts and golf courses, is that they are generally not as secure as those in an office or home. Since many employees deal with sensitive material, such as client info, invoices or company accounting data, this information could be detrimental to a company if it gets into the wrong hands.

Although a vacation can be very beneficial to your mental and physical health, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank in the process. Instead, Ernest has some advice on how to save money getting there and once you’ve arrived.

Compare Travel Options

Depending on when you want to travel, the costs of transportation can vary significantly. Do a little math to determine how much it will cost to drive to your destination. This includes gas and potential lodging along the way.

Meanwhile, flying may be a more realistic option. Flying on certain days of the week can be more affordable than others. For example, a midweek flight is most likely cheaper than one on Thursday or Friday, says the news source.

Traveling by train and bus could also be options. While these aren’t as luxurious as airplanes or private vehicles, if you’re on a budget, traveling this way could save a considerable amount of money.

Avoid Popular Areas

Booking a hotel room in middle of a hot spot might be convenient, but rates are often much higher, warns Ernest. If you don’t mind traveling around once you get to your destination, getting a room slightly off the beaten path could be more affordable.

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